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Best cPanel Alternatives: This article is based on research; we research the best alternative of cPanel. If you’re looking for better cPanel alternatives, this article will help you make a better decision based on your needs and feature requirements. cPanel is a popular used Linux-based control panel for website and server management, but recently

1) Plesk 

Plesk is a web hosting control panel supporting flatform windows and Linux. Looking cPanel alternative to reduce hosting Plesk is the best alternative of Cpanel. It’s for infrastructure providers, IT administrators, developers, content managers, and digital agencies.

Let’s take a look at some of its key features, such as cross-platform compatibility, excellent security, central control panel, backup, and more.

There are many products and services that Plesk offers; some of them are WordPress Toolkit, SEO Toolkit, Plesk Premium Email, and many more. Looking for Plesk Reseller Hosting?

2) Directadmin 

Directadmin is the second alternative of Cpanel, which has no account limit, and it offers a yearly package that allows you to buy DirectAdmin for one year, and DirectAdmin almost offers everything you’re looking for in your hosting business, including easy GUI, speed, stability, support, security and more. You’re getting all this right from the admin control panel. And all this at a reasonable price.

Direct Admin has almost all the features that need to start a hosting business that’s why direct Admin is also the best alternative to cPanel because Direct Admin allows you to sell reseller hosting and web hosting, and you can configure settings, edit it, the administrator can delete or edit any DNS record, two-factor authentication, built-in ticket support, system, live updates, and many other features.

3) InterWorx

InterWorx is a paid web hosting control panel developed by InterWorx LLC; it offers configuration tools for your web server, including email management, domains management, and websites Management in GUI. You can use it for WordPress installation, file management, and security enhancements. It has two sections one is NodeWorx and the second one is SiteWorx. It is best suitable for web designers, developers, resellers.

 InterWorx offers the same features that you install on your VPS or dedicated server to start selling reseller hosting or web hosting Interworx is also the best alternative for Cpanel.

4) Cyberpanel 

CyberPanel is a web hosting control that is based on OpenLitespeed. The CyberPanel Features support DNS, FTP, Email, File Manager, and automatic SSL. CyberPanel is a free control panel that supports centos, ubuntu, etc. cPanel panel is only a free control panel with more than 10000 active users and a fast-growing control panel.

5) CentOS Web Panel 

CentOS Web Panel is a web hosting control panel that is free of cost. It has all the features needed to run a hosting business, including backups, free DNS server, file system lock, live monitoring, config server firewall, and many more. 

So, these are only the best five alternatives of cPanel that I know, and my research says, Now Consider all control panels mentioned above before making your final decision. 

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